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I can speak to your questions as I’ve had many, many AF products. From very early production, to the latest generations. 
Your fill whip will need a QD or Quick Disconnect to fill the tanks. 
As an example, I used one of these, but as long as you have an fill whip that has a “K” valve adapter on one end and a Quick Disconnect or QD on the other you will be able to charge both tanks.

You have two generations of tanks. the one in the top of the picture is the older and the lower is the newer. 
The older tank you will use the screw on adapter with the brass fitting on the right
The newer tank does not appear to be an AF factory spinloc tank. And I can’t tell from the picture (sorry I can’t enlarge it) if it has the spinloc adapter. But obviously it worked for the previous owner. 
The other adapter with the Condor valve is a Co2 adapter which allows you to use the large paintball tanks. The Co2 will give you a bunch more shots but will greatly reduce the power, defeating the purpose of a Condor IMO. 

The newer tank you will not use an adapter, only the QD on the end of the hose connected to the fill nipple opposite the gauge. 
The older tank you will use the screw on adapter with the brass fitting. Just a side note, there is a large O ring which fits into the screw on end of the adapter. Don’t loose it; you need it to seal against the tank.
You CAN use the screw on adapter for both tanks, but obviously you will have to remove them to fill them. You will more than likely find yourself using the newer generation and shelving the older just because it’s more convenient.
If all or any of this is clogging your brain, or if you need any help or questions answered, please feel free to PM me.