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Update: After taking in advice on the subject from several members, I decided to retrofit the HW30 with a Maccari Spring Kit. The new spring was installed today, it was a fairly straightforward affair. The worst of it was the spring preload. Some kind of press would be advantageous. In the end it took my son and I simultaneously pushing down on the gun and inserting a pin to hold it in place. Let’s just say I need to work out a bit. 

Took a few test shots at 8 yards. Loading was VERY smooth. Shooting cycle was just what I was hoping for, just a thud. At 8 yards, it was literally a single hole, shooting off the bench with the gun resting on my bare hand, no sand bag. 

The stock spring was a bit longer, thinner maybe? but definitely deformed/warped. It was also greased up to the hilt. Either way, I think that changing the spring was the right move. A bit more expensive, but I think it was worth it. Further testing will tell.  

I will try and stretch it out tomorrow a bit. 30 yards if I can. Will post results as soon as I test shoot.