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Centercut – Yes, the $300 number is for life extension of a tank that is past it’s first 15 years.  Once Life Extended, the cost of the MAE test to recert it each 5 years is much less and in line with hydro costs.  Once the tank has the SP-16320 sticker, you’re just paying for the recert testing, not the full battery of LE testing.  You’re correct that MAE testing has been around for a long time, it being used for civilian use tanks is new though and has only been allowed by the DOT since 2017.  Before that, Digital Wave was doing SCBA tanks for the Navy starting in 2012.  My understanding from the guys at DW (and from light reading of the SP) is that they are the only place in the country that can Life Extend an SCBA tank under that SP at this time and that goes for the 5 year recert tests as well.  

John – I honestly don’t remember how this all came about.  It was two years ago now that the conversations began.  I’m not sure if DW approached us or if it was the other way around.  I know they’ve had the fire industry side of the LE tanks locked down since they started doing them for civilian markets in 2017.  Either way, if you have more specific questions, let me know and I will help as much as I can.