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Thanks all,   it is those worded paragraphs that got me wondering.
I just looked at digi wave’s site and see PA is listed as well as other more Fire Dept places.

Seems like digi wave may have taken the initiative on this? 

Depending on the re-hydro cost they might be a dollar less costly ( esp. if fill hose needed )  depending on inventory ,  hopefully PA fill’s in some ???’s on that for us, maybe I’ll try that “helpful wanna chat with an expert” thing that pop’s up on their site, should be a fun question for some college kid at night.  Actually more likely I’ll call them after my neighbor realizes he needs one.

 A year or so ago I purchased a used tank w/fill from a dealer ( just didn’t want to ebay it blindly , just me )  45min $300 delivered with hydro and 7 years left.
Nice seeing yet more options for us all.