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“mubhaur”Dear Sean,
In the new models either there are no tiny screws or if they are, they are lock tightened. 
I think you , me and all new model users have to revisit again.
Umair Bhaur 

The design hasn’t changed-I’m certain of that.  The issue you may be having is that the both the probe (silver part) and probe holder (black part) rotate.  Take your fingers and rotate the black part to expose the screws.  They may be hidden in the action currently-probably facing up and down.  If you rotate the black part by 90 degrees they will be visible on either side of the action, they will then be accessible for you.  

Two extremes of adjustment: if the screws aren’t in far enough, the will stick out of the black housing and interfere with the cocking operation-not allowing the bolt (black probe holder)to slide back into the action smoothly when cycling the bolt.  On the other extreme, if the screws are tightened too much (or against the retaining lip on the silver probe) then they won’t allow the probe (silver part) to move freely within the probe holder.  

If you’re still having trouble, take photos and post them so I can help you sort it out.