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Hello again Mac,
Regarding the 34 grain pellets…800 ft/s will be accurate but it is far from their best performance. When they first came out we all experimented with shooting them at different velocity and in the beginning about 830-840 ft/s was the velocity most guys thought was best. One guy even won a tournament shooting them at about 835 f/s according to him. But ever curious, and rarely satisfied to run with the herd, I got to thinking that 880-900 ft/s is the best velocity for all the other JSB pellets out of these Smooth Twist barrels and wanted to see if that also held true for the 34 grainers also. I found that there is a midpoint around 850-860 ft/s where they weren’t quite as accurate for me, but that as I kept going higher and higher the accuracy not only came back but both my rifles began shooting like lasers at 50 yards! Brother I mean just stacking pellets one on top another! 

Yesterday I cleaned and inspected my Wildcat and changed the breech o-ring as routine maintenance and cleaned and polished my hammer and trigger sear. Afterwards I shot it over my chronograph here in the living room and was getting an average of 911 ft/s, with a high of 916 ft/s and a low of 911 ft/s with the 34 grainers…not to sound like I am bragging mind you, but I presently own the most powerful .25 Streamline and the most powerful .25 Wildcat on planet earth, and if you choose to do so I will tell you how to have the most powerful .25 Streamline in all of Scotland! You will be the envy of all the other lads at your shoots and be treated to more drinks than a sensible man would even accept! Which may lead you to a predicament where you wouldn’t want to insult anyone by saying no to a drink that’s offered, and yet already had more than is prudent. What will you do then? I hope you won’t have to fight your way out of your pub for God’s sake!
All the best, Chuck