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Great topic! This is an expensive, addictive hobby. My 2nd PCP was (still have it) a Hatsan AT 44 in .22.  The gun was solid out of the box but, you will chase the POI until you regulate it. The HUMA made it a whole new level of fun. Simple to work on and tune; mine has been rock solid. I would say its had about 5K through it and only a few orings have been needed. Im not a “skilled” shooter but, it will consistently split poker chips at 50 yards, not HIT em….split the thin side. With a large crowd and a bet…..I split a kite string at 38 yds….3rd shot.  This gun has been SO much fun, quiet, reliable, easy to change the mags and so on. I bought a Benji in .25….and a Kral Puncher, sold them both. Stay with me here; I also have a .25 Cricket tuned by Mr. Rowe. AWESOME gun but, its not a grande better than the Hatsan.  Sure, its more powerful and a bit more accurate but, its not that much more fun. I dont shoot holes in paper for my man status, mostly happy meal toys and barbie dolls after a few beers. My AT44 has silenced owners of Benjis, Krals, Airforce, BSA R10 and a few others. Bought it new for sub $550, with he HUMA it hurls .22 18 grain JSB’s at about 830 for 35 shots with NO POI change. My only grips is the heft and length. Dont hesitate to pick one up. GREAT trigger if you take some some time to twist the 3 screws.