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 They are great guns, and very easy to repair and mod. I also own an old mark one and love shooting it. For a twenty year old rifle it can still hold its own, although can feel a bit agricultural in the hand compared to a more refined fx or AA. I run mine at 23flb with aa18 grains for crows, tree rats and the odd rabbit. 

 Very true – my Rapid never fails to put a grin on my face, I really enjoy using it. 

The barrel is not pellet fussy but seems to do best with: JSB Exact Jumbo 15.89gr and AA Field 16gr. 

For a bit of fun, It went head to head with my FX Impact a while back, (both using their favoured pellets),  ~ held it’s own very well indeed. 

Edit: British Five pence coin shown in the image is 18mm ~ it’s generally accepted that a rig which can group within this diameter, is deemed acceptable for pest control / hunting.