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Hand pumps – I have a hand pump and do use it to pump up my pistol.  30 strokes gives me around 60 shots.  That gets me to about 2700 or 2800 PSI.  I’m 180 and in lousy shape.  Even for that little air cylinder, I’m tired when I’m done.  From 2000 PSI to 2800 is a real bear.  I literally have to let the stomach push down with body weight.  No, I’m not a fan of pumps for rifles.  The Indy is a bit different, I’ll get to that in a minute.

I use a bottle filled at the local paintball shop to fill my Marauder and Impact.  I can’t imagine filling a 430 CC bottle with a hand pump.  That would be something like 400 strokes and the Impact wants a 3600 PSI fill.  Not going to happen with a hand pump.  Even the Marauder with a much smaller tank takes 3 strokes per shot, so 30 shots is between 90 and 100 strokes.

Indy is a bit different as I understand it.  It only has a tank large enough for something like 3 or 4 shots and you have to pump again (please validate, I don’t own an Indy, just what I’ve read.)  If you are happy pumping 2 or three times per shot, and probably 10 pumps before starting over, it might be the right gun for you.

Also look at the length of the Indy and Independence.  If they will fit you walking and hiking, great, but make sure they will fit.

As for other PCP’s that like hand pumps, you might look at (now don’t laugh) Maximus.  It has a 2000 PSI fill and at that fill level is relatively easy to pump.  It’s accurate, still delivers the goods in .22 and gets really good reviews except for the trigger.  It’s heavy.  Oh, and it’s CHEAP.  Use the code AGNATION on the site, $165 and free shipping on Fridays.   It’s so cheap that if you don’t like it, you can just let it sit and not feel that bad after you buy your dream gun!

Another option though not cheap, might be to buy a bottle gun like the Impact where the tank is removable and just get a second tank for the woods.  Each tank will give around 90 or shots per fill.  

I tried hand pumping and it just isn’t for me (but I’m old and my shape is more round than anything else).  You might want to consider something with a lower fill pressure that still does the job.  Life gets easier at lower pressure.