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“Humdinger”I’ve owned the non-regulated Huntsman Regal XL for several years.  The regulated version is a nice upgrade.  Here is my list of pros and cons
regarding this model.
The Huntsman Regal is the most attractive PCP on the market.  It’s the only PCP that looks more like a powder burner than an air rifle.
Daystate offers it in a true left handed stock and bolt.  I’m a lefty so high marks for Daystate.
When the hammer spring is set properly you get lots of shots per fill and nice bell curve from a smaller 166cc air cylinder. 
The fit and finish is the best in the industry.  Handsmome walnut stock, rich deep metal bluing, and superior component design.
Accuracy is second to none.  One ragged hole five shot groups at 25 yards is the norm.
Bolt action requires more cocking effort to compress the hammer spring than a sidelever desgin.
The Daystate Reflex moderator is ineffective.  FAC Regals should include a Huggett Belita instead.  Any LDC is an upgrade compared to the Reflex.
The Regal is mechanically noisy.  It might seem quiet in a video but the shot cycle is noisy.  It is much noisier than other Daystates such as the Airwolf, Pulsar, Renegade, or Wolverine.  I’ve owned or tested them all and the Huntsman Regal is the only one that’s mechanically loud at the shooters position.
Adjusting the hammer spring requires two different allen key sizes and stock removal.  Not state of the art nor as user friendly to adjust as the competition.

Reflex on this one was real quiet for me and mechanically this one’s cycling & shooting sounded/felt like a precision watch everywhere.  My bet is that the winner will corroborate.  Steve