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“yonyb”Hi all……I’ve been thinking of the AOA deal on the Walther Maximathor in .22 or .25 ($500 or $600 basically).  Seems owners report good power and accuracy from a walther barrel no less (not a hard choice for the company:).  A good choice to for “real gun feel”.  I can get over weight and high noise values, if the gun shoots true with a little extra push for heavier pellets!

  Hi, yonyb.
I have a MaximaThor in .22. I paid nearly double that in $AU. It is very powerful, up to 45 FP and accurate, even at over 1050 fps with 16 grain JSBs. That’s the good news. The sweet spot is very narrow, around one eight shot mag. You will get a mag worth of shots either side of that but your extreme spread will stretch to almost 100 fps. The gun is marketed as a hunting rifle but at 13 pounds with scope and bipod, you will need to be Hercules to shoot it offhand. I find it good for bench work whilst tethered to a bottle. I have had little success using the recommended 21 grain H&Ns, preferring the 18 grain JSBs even at over 1000 fps, I’m getting 1/2 inch groups at 50 yards.