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“badammo”Great discussion guys. Would having the tank hydro tested in its last year before it expired, be reasonable to use it 5 more years if it passed?

That is a good question. I just called my Hydro test facility, and asked the same question, here is the answer. “Yes, we can perform a hydro static test on a CF tank that is about to go out of the life span mfg date (15 years).  We will affix a new hydro date, that will be good for 5 years from the date of test.  The problem can/will be when you take the tank to be filled, the fill station has the right to refuse filling the tank after it has passed the 15 years mfg date.  He went on to explain that at some fill stations, they don’t look for the life span date but only check that it has a current hydro date (within 5 years of it’s last hydro).”

So there is your legal answer as well as your potential answer based on what a fill station operator will do based on his on knowledge and due diligence.

Whether you fell safe using it?  I can’t answer that.  Personally I would look at getting the tank MAE tested and keeping it legal and safe, or I would do the math and consider buying a new tank.  Money is cheap.  Life and limb are irreplaceable. 

Hope this helps.