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I cannot speak specifically for 2511bless, but a lot of Bulldog owners zero around 50 yards, as they tend to hunt larger game with the Bulldog.
According to the text to the right of the photo, the oinker was shot at a distance of 50 yards.  Most likely, his POI was exactly where his crosshairs were, without additional elevation added to it.  With many .357 rounds, when zeroed at 50 yards, the holdover is about 3-4 mildots at 100 yards.  I pretty much hit the wall of 9 mildots (maximum for my tree reticle) at around 145 yards with mine. 

What’s the fps, weight of slugs, fpe of theses rounds you guys blasting w/. I have no doubt the amount of power must be devistating on large game. Have you tried adjustable scope rings like the fx no limits or the sportsmatch rings to try extending the range/poi on these rifles. Might help, but Im not sure if accuracy will be a problem @ longer distances…

Very good info Addertooth…thanks…