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You guys should really take a look at the FX Streamline or the FX Wildcats! These are the most accurate hunting air rifles in the world! There is not a hunting air rifle in the world with a Lothar Walther barrel that can compete with an FX Smooth Twist barrel! Let alone the new ST X barrels! If you want all that bling go ahead and dye your FX stock red and spray 10 coats of high gloss lacquer on it…or for about $1300.00 you can own a FX air rifle that will out shoot anything Daystate has any day of the week! Of course this only applies to people who want the best accuracy possible! For those that prefer mediocre accuracy and lots of problems for $2000.00 – $3000.00 dollars go buy a Daystate…but don’t expect to win any competitions with it in Arizona!  ;)

P.S. In an effort to improve accuracy Daystate is now using Walther polygon barrels on their rifles of .25 caliber and up…this is as close as they can come to a Smooth Twist barrel but still no cigar on accuracy. Sooner or later they will have to just start putting FX Smooth Twist barrels and FX STX barrels on their rifles if they ever want to match the accuracy of an FX rifle. Just my thoughts on it…