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Never had V8 but bought the PSR model about a year ago.

I upgraded from Harris and I do prefer the non rotating legs. I hated the rotating legs, they are ok on the range but at my home range there is an 7 degree angle downwards to the target so the rifle started rolling away from me. I hate Harris tbh.

I have since read that especially some heavy round shooters prefer the V8 because it has a bit of play in it and thus it can be loaded (applied with forward pressure onto it). I have seen a vid where the rifle jumps up slightly by the recoil. I think this occurs with air rifles too in a small scale and will affect accuracy.

Harris bipods do not allow for real loading either and people are able to get “decent” groups with it, just as I am with the PSR. But I thought I’d bring it up here.

@tominco I think *someone* should take some slowmo of the bipod feet when firing (or airing) the gun.

As to the weight, never gave it a thought that the weight would be a problem as they have the QD so they come off easily.

Although I practically never take it off while shooting couple of rounds standing, it gives a good amount of weight :)

But if I’d go walking with it, I think it would be very good idea to take it off. And with the QD it is easy to put on another gun also.

The stippling on the bipod is awesome. KEEP THE LEGS AWAY FROM ANYTHING SHINY OR SMOOTH.