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“BigTinBoat”The JB guppy tank is about the equivalent of a 90cuin paintball tank or a 1.5l (1500cc) tank – at 4500psi each of these holds about 16.2CF of air.
Here is a decent guppy size tank
Or Benjamin also makes a 90cuin that you can sometimes find for about $275 with a fill hose.

If 500cc is the equivalent of .5 liter it looks like I was looking for about a 3 liter tank. The complete 3 liter cf tank set-up I saw on AliExpress was $326. The Guppy is listed as 18 cubic feet or 118 cubic inches. that makes it about 22% bigger than the Airhog. I thought at first I might be seeing a great deal ordering the tank from China but I can but the Guppy for $389 from JB and get a quality tank and fill set-up. Thanks for your help BTB.