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“Oregun”AG Bill,
I’d stick with a US company…  check-out JDS Air Man 

Oregun I actually have one of JDS’s steel tanks on my TalonSS with a Altaros regulator. The problem with most of JDS tanks they are steel and only rated to 3000 psi. They do have one cf tank rated to 4500 psi but the highest output is regulated to 3000 psi, my FX rifles fill to 220 to 230 bar which is approximately 3190 to 3335 psi. I would want the ability to fill to what level I want. Now the problem with comparing the capacity of all these tank sizes is there are tanks sized in liters, cubic feet, cubic inches and I think cubic centimeters not to mention 30, 45 and 60 minute scba tanks.  The other problem is I am not sure that calculating regular volume is the same as the volume of compressed air. I would like to have the capacity of a tank like Joe B’s Guppy which is 18 cubic feet or 118 cubic inches as stated on his website. I sort of thought I had this volume conversion figured out but now I am not so sure.  As far as fills using the Guppy tank and my FX Streamline and Pyramid Airs fill calculator filling my Streamline 190cc tank to 220 bar or 3190psi and shooting down to 125 bar or 1812 psi I should get 8 total fills off the Guppy tank. My FX Streamline gets about 60 shots per fill so that times 8 means about 480 shots from a Guppy size 18 cu ft or 118 cu in. tank. Now if I could only convert these liter and other size tanks to cubic feet I could calculate the size for a tank to take to the field. Bill