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“Hynzie”wow nice looking rig KDOG fine looking stock the strap looks perfect,is the scope a AZTEC OR HAWKE looks like u got a indexing set up ? pat

The scope is neither Pat,,,,my go to FT scopes have been Optisan Vipers but this one is a Tac Vector 10-40x50mm for only $175,,,,,It does everything that my Vipers do at half the price.Range finds well and has a very useable reticle.The barrel hasn’t been indexed and i believe I’m getting some pellet destabilization set up at this speed with the regular LW barrel.Definately have to spend some time indexing these barrels and messing around with the hammer spring to see what barrel shoots best at what speed.Its setup shooting just under 20ft lbs so before messing with the hammer spring I’m throwing the poly barrel on it and seeing how it shoots hot with the poly barrel on it. One thing that can be improved on these RAWs is the dust cap for the foster fitting should be magnetized so it doesn’t fall off so easily,,,almost lost the cap in the yard,found it after 10 minutes of walking around the yard looking for it. All TM and BM RAW’s are setup for barrel indexing.