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“AirgunBill”I have a Great White tank that I used to carry with me when I traveled afield to target shoot and hunt to have air on hand. Now that I have a home range to shoot at I would like to keep the heavier Great White at home and get a smaller bottle to take afield. I was looking at this bottle that is .5 liter which I believe is about 18 cubic ft. and would give me about 6 to 8 fills depending on my rifle used. What I wanted to clarify was this bottle comes with a ‘regulator’ Is this really nothing more than a fill valve to open and close, a bleed valve and male foster underneath the yellow plastic caps as pictured. If so it would fit my needs at about the half the cost of other small bottles you see for sale here. Bill

500cc at 4500psi is about 5.5CF not 18CF