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Was finally able to get outside and do some shooting off of a bucket and sticks with the TM1000 .177. Shot groups at 40 and 50 yds in the swirling Ohio wind today,,,temp was almost 50* and finally wasn’t raining. I have the LW barrel on it right now put will be changing it over to the poly barrel to se how it does as well.Most 5 shot groups i can cover with a nickel but had a few exceptional groups where they were basically one ragged hole and easily covered with a dime.This is how i shoot hunter field target and like to shoot this way as practice all the time,,,rarely will i shoot off a bench,,if i do its just to do testing.Took a few pics so yes it did happen : )

5 shot group of the day at 40 yds off bucket and sticks

my FT setup