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“Hynzie”well i guess i have short little T REX arms cause my 30 cal LOP is uncomfortable ,i must really jam into my shoulder to have it the right length or close so instead of replacing the butt pad which i may still do ,i was talking to my repair,tunner guy and he said i can move my trigger forward and backwards with the adjustments on the trigger group anybody try this ,,if you have please any advice helps PAT

Is it the reach from the grip to the trigger blade that’s the problem?  If so, talk to Ken about the Rowan adjustable blade.  If its the stock, I be Martin would shorten it for you.  What is the LOP on the gun (measure it from the trigger blade to the closest point on the butt pad)?  When I had Muntz RAW made, I requested a 13” LOP for me and my kids-it’s perfect (maybe even slightly too short).