Reply To: A message from AEAC & Ted



The threat of closure has been over several communities on You Tube. There was a fear that the tech monopolies could not be broken up by government like a normal company which had grown to big. It would appear to me, that these tech Goliath’s will break themselves up. Community’s like ours will be squeezed out and have to find other platforms.  

In my opinion You Tube will become a sanitised main channel. The corporate culture in Googal YouTube etc… is not in alignment with all content providers. The global political control of media is also a factor. For these reasons I do not see a future on YouTube.

This is is not a new phenomena on the net. I am old school in tech and am from a time before Googal and Facebook. Things were shared differently back then.   Web sites and content were often found through banners and links from other similar web sites. You would follow links from one web site to another. This practice ended with the dominance and connivance of Googal and Facebook.  Perhaps it is time for these practices to return. 

It would not be hard to put a links page on this web site taking members to where content creators listed there content. In fact this sound like a great idea,  as I had not found half of the creators that have already be terminated. The organisation behind this platform also give our community a head start on most.