Reply To: A message from AEAC & Ted



YT is just another left wing bunch that wants to ban guns and blames Guns for irresponsible behavior by mentally deficient people.

Its not guns that kill people, its people that do.
Its Drug afflicted, hate filled and sick people that Kill others.No Gun can pull it’s own trigger.

Its called “Political Correctness”. He called it “Doing the right thing.” That’s a sick excuse for the truth which is Censorship of anything that conflicts with the Liberal orthodoxy.

A nut job kills a bunch of children while the guy who is paid as a guard sits back and the Media says its the NRA’s fault.

The left wants to ban all guns in America. Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric on the left. They want to disarm America

What do you want? 97.5% of all Mass murders are committed in “Gun Free Zones” which are soft targets.