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You tell ’em AGA … we’ve been used and abused and made to feel cheap … we’ve been sneered and jeered and pooped on by those who think they are superior to us in every way … when, if the truth be told, they are the problem, not the solution.

​When we came back from Vietnam, we felt like we needed society … and some people did … desperately! But they weren’t there for us, they loved everybody … including the enemy, more than they did us, they had no room for us in their hearts. They left us to fend for ourselves, threw dog poop at us, called us baby killers and every vile, crude and crass thing they could think of … and we eventually learned how to “make do” without them. Then, somewhere along the way, they rethought their stupidity, the absurdity of their thought process, to blame the warrior instead of the war, to blame the draftee as opposed to the law breakers who fled across the border to avoid the war. Well, their change of heart came a little too late … the years have passed and we are old men now … our demons are finally put to rest. They taught us that it is they who are unreliable, capricious, fakes, frauds and liars …. now the tables have turned, we have become popular again, they say we are good guys, just unwitting people who were manipulated into doing the goverments dirty work for them. Well, we got news for those clowns … they have shown us their true colors in all their majesty … and we have seen them for what they are … now it is us who have no need of them, not the other way around.

​In much the same way, it behooves us to take a close look at the situation we now find ourselves in today with YT … do we actually, positively need this provider … this fair weather friend … this entity without any real heart felt values … who breathes both hot and cold from the same mouth with such regularity. I say no, we are men, we are adults, we have real values and real reasons to back up those values. We are strong and smart and intelligent and innovative and we know how to get things done with or without them … and we have financial wherewithal to make things happen. YT never really was anything except a content provider, but it is people like Ted and Tom and Matt and very many others who have done the real work to make YT what it has become and we have a whole industry backing us. YouTube can come along for the ride if they want to, but never again will we put up with their flip and flop, their flim and flam or their balder and dash … they have shown their true colors … the only thing we can really count on is that we can’t count on them.