Reply To: Maybe this will help with YouTube issue



“baker6483”I’m sorry for asking a dumb and off topic question…  what the hell happened with Logan Paul?

He posted a video in a Forrest in Japan (I think?) where people go to kill themselves.  They stumbled across someone who’d done just that and because he had the guy in the background (blurred out) and was shocked but nervously laughing people went off on one and kicked up a stink saying he was laughing at the dead person. Plus how bad it was that the guy was in the vid and barely blocked out.

The silly thing is you can actually find videos from other people who’ve been there and they have the dead body in clear view, no blurring.  But because they’re not a YouTube ‘sensation’ they are no fun to destroy.

And fwiw I’m no Logan Paul fan, in fact it was the first thing I’d ever watched but it was clear it was nervous laughter (probably like I’d do if I was there) but what you need to remember is there’s leaches who actually make a living by sensationalising things famous yotubers do.  Put up a video slating Logan Paul if you’re a small timer and you’d probably get 3 times the views (and revenue)

Makes ‘news’ these days on social media, and other youtubers want to rant about it and then it’s ‘terrible’ when Mrs. Smith hears “Logan Paul was vlogging and laughing at a dead man”. As usual brain dead sheep who are spoon fed half a story and want people or things banned.  Bit like this gun situation on eBay.