Reply To: How You Tube Videos are censored



For as long as I found out about big bore air rifles, I have said it is best to stay under the radar on these things.  Don’t get me wrong, the bigger the better for those that have and love them, BUT there are too many people who just don’t understand about guns and feel they are all killing machines.  Say the word Google and you can bet that a very very high percentage of the people working for them fall into this category.  Some of which are the monitors that are involved in determining what plays and what doesn’t.

Ted’s Holdover, according to him, is a recent victim of You Tube censorship.

Many states see air guns as firearms and make you go through the same hoops when buying one as you would in buying a powder burner.

Regretfully, it will probably not be long before restrictions are pilled high and we all suffer.  I wish we could have kept the power factor of our air guns under wraps and in the community only, but discussion about what we can pull out of them is high on the list.  That is human nature.