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“Bruce”I’m still on it because pf my grand kids and great grand kids.  Love seeing some of there mother puts on.


This is the only thing that keeps me from closing it entirely-keeping in contact with family across the US.  I thought long and hard the other day, then posted the letter below to all my ‘friends’ before cleaning house.  I went from 263 friends down to about 100 in the space of about 30 minutes, and felt much relief after doing so.  I could probably get that down even further if I wanted, but the people I kept, I actually ‘know’ and have real history with, or they are like minded (other members from my local airgun club, etc).

Here’s the note I left, before severing ties with the majority of my ‘friends’:

So after much thinking what to do with FB and social media in general, over a long time, I have finally decided the following: in my course to completely dump FB in its entirety (permanently), I am planning to take the intermediate step of cutting off all things that add stress to my FB experience. This includes pages that I have ‘liked’ (ones that post stuff I don’t want to see-regardless of how harmless, etc), leaving groups that I have no direct, daily interest in, and removing greater than 50% of the people in my ‘friends’ list. I’m posting this because the majority of the people who can we my status will soon not be able to, so to you, I am posting a cordial ‘goodbye’ and I wish you all the best in the future.People that will be removed include those I do not have a direct, real ‘history’ with on a personal basis, those that are (in my opinion) politically too far to my left, those who I simply don’t have a regular daily connection to, those who simply share too much stuff that’s emotionally charged (even if I completely agree with your point of view), and those that I simply just don’t know well enough to be sharing my life with on a regular basis. In short, I am trimming down my FB experience to a small core of people that I actually know, and agree with on a personal, spiritual, or interest-based level. I’m being open, up front, and honest about this-and transparent about why I’m cutting ties in a massive way, whether you agree or not doesn’t really trouble me.If you find that we are ‘no longer friends’, please know that I wish you no ill will, but have decided that FB has become more of a toxic place for me-increasingly so-over the past few years, and has only served to polarize relationships, and divide our society. I have felt that begin to influence my own heart as well, which I don’t want, and it’s been causing me to take my FB stress into my personal, daily life-a sign it’s time to move along with my life.On that note, it is clear that I will not be changing who I am based on popular culture, and my posts/comments are not ‘enlightening’ anyone who doesn’t view the world from my world view (as a Bible believing, God fearing, Christian, who is nowhere even remotely ‘perfect’ as viewed by scripture, and has zero interest in becoming a socially acceptable person according to our ever-fluid society’s standards-which seem to darken daily)-so in the end, seeing each other’s posts will simply cause further division and negative views of each other. It is for this reason that I am choosing to sever our FB relationship.So to everyone: it’s been (mostly) nice, and I wish you the best in life, and (Lord willing) beyond it (that part is between you and Jesus-so choose wisely while you still can).For those of you who end up still being friends with me: if I’ve upset you and you want to dump me-that’s cool too. I get it-no problem. No Ill-will taken.If, after a while of trying this ‘contracted FB existence’ I decide FB is still too stressful or otherwise objectionable, I will say a final ‘goodbye’ and dump the whole thing completely. Sorry for the long post, and thanks for understanding. God bless you ALL.Sincerely, Sean”

As of right now, I will see how things go with my closer knit circle of family and friends.  In the interim, I’m going to see how I can start deleting old ‘likes’, comments, etc that are older than a certain age.  In my opinion, these things only serve to create a ‘profile’ by male-intents down the road, and there really is no good to the information hanging around.