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This is funny that I see this topic . I was given a at xsight II version for Christmas.  Have not sighted it in yet on my fx wildcat . I have looked through it and just briefly went through the options on it . I wish that my wife would’ve waited until this new version came out . It looks really nice . Really really nice . They fixed the bugs . Fixed the issue with the zoom . It’s m I checked lighter , battery last much longer . It’s much clearer than the II version . However the second version still looks pretty good. But the new one is suppose to be amazing clarity . The buttons on it are even better , the zoom turret is even better . The mounting options are also much better . So , it just gives me an excuse to get another airgun so that I can purchase the atn 4k . I would wait for this version to come put I think in March or April.  I can not remember so don’t hold me to that date but I would definitely wait for it . Go to ATN’s website and you’ll see the new version. The people who have an issue with the first 2 versions I guarantee that they will love this version .