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“T3PRanch”Good luck divesting yourself of Google “properties”!
Search Engine and all related services for website owners.
DNS Services
Web Browser and Chrome OS
and the really big one
Android OS which is now on hundreds of millions devices.
20 years ago yes it was possible. Today it is doubtful without moderate to extreme sacrifices of “conveniences” that people have come to rely on day to day.


The intent of your point is good and the point itself is correct but there are some underlying assumptions which should be pointed out.

Google does not own DNS services.  DNS is operated by the community.  If google went away tomorrow, DNS would still work.

Google does build Chrome, there are alternatives.  I am using one of them now.  Firefox comes immediately to mind.

YouTube is wholly owned by Google and therefore Google becomes liable for any class action suits which may be brought in the future.  The case law relative to these newer platforms is very limited.  You can’t throw someone out of your restaurant because you disagree with their politics.  The left is increasingly demanding that people be punished for refusing to do business with someone because of their “life style”.  Life style can be replaced with the word opinion in this case.  Google IS going to be facing some class action suits for denial of equal opportunity.  The question isn’t “if”.  It is “when”.  When that happens things will begin to get interesting.

Face Book is not owned by Google and they have their own skeletons which will eventually have to be addressed:  Face Book will have to deal with this matter in the near term.  They knew they were addicting children and elected to do it anyway.  They offer a platform now upon which nearly all of society depends.  Click through contracts may have been viable but when they set up a company as the ultimate legal and social moral authority … well you can see that there will be legal issues which we can not yet imagine.  This will come to a head about the time that Mark Zuckerberg or some other of the “technocrats” decides to go head to head with the US Government.  Things will get interesting at that point as well.

I have bad news for Google and their “ownership” of Android OS, the GNU GPL requires them to release the source code if any part of it uses any portion of Linux which is subject to that copy right…  and it does.  Anyone who uses anything that is subject to the GNU GPL agrees to release the source code for their platform as well.  That code is required to be available upon demand by the public.  They will happily tell you otherwise but the EFF has defended that copyleft and won, so …. Legally Android belongs in the public domain under the GPL.

These things we call conveniences are in fact hobbles…  You get a call on your smart phone.  You elect to return the call.  Google asks you to “link your number” to the account.  If you do, you link your entire IDENTITY, your search history, your GPS history, your call history, your email history, your YouTube viewing history, your Face Book login history, …. EVERYTHING you do or have EVER done on that account is linked to that number.  That number is linked to whomever it is linked to also and you are exactly one hop from THAT link.  Google is building a database of information about every single person who has ever had an account with them in any form… and yes Gertrude,  it is connected to a unique identifying number, your phone number.  They sell this information to the highest bidder… One of the bidders is the government.

The motto of Google is, “Don’t be evil.”  Yet they are far more intrusive and more dangerous, than any national intelligence service EVER was in the history of mankind…