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“Glem.Chally”So helpful,  did this with yours and Jkings help that lead me here. 
Thanks Gents
Does any of you know what the little threaded hole in the back of the receiver is for? 

Hey Glem, it is a hole to attach the rear end of a FX verminator MK2, which uses the same action block as a Royale.
Concerning the HST screws, the steel ones can be really tight and are easy to FUBAR, the brass one is a lot sturdier, and can most of the time be loosened with just a allen key.
The hex part of the steel one is almost thin as paper. In some cases when one cocks too brisk, the hammer weight can get caught in the hex part of the nut, causing the hammer to jam. I’ve seen it happening several times.

That’s great to know.  I had good luck with my HST adjuster,  it wasn’t loc-tited when I bought it and no damage to it after lots of adjusting, I bet some people try to use SAE hex’s and strip them out haha.  But yeah they are paper thin.

One more for the advanced class,  what is the valve between the bore for the hammer and bore for the cocking arm?  Might be a dumb question but I don’t see why it needs that second valve looking thing.

2nd pic from the bottom.