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Man I am sorry to here that 
The only real solution to all this is to completely stop using YouTube. And the only real way to have full control over your videos is to host them yourself from your own site. 
What really needs to happen is all of the hunting, shooting, and other outdoor sporting suppliers boycott YouTube, Google …… And all other companies trying to strong arm us and start advertising internally.
Sponsor the hunting and other shows directly instead of using the above services.
Part of the whole issue started because of that very service
Before if a company wanted advertising from a host or show they would approach them directly now they use Google’s system that just will post ads from the highest bidder to a video.
Before If a host or provider did or said something that a sponsor didn’t like or approve of they could pull the sponsorship and this made sure the channel stayed clean and within bounds
Now the censor is out of both parties hands 
For the little guys with little to no sponsorship get together create a co-op put your money together and start a website with your vids 
The big fish can easily host their own videos from their website