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One thing to be careful of with Regulated Guns, compared to something like the Marauder.  They have one (1) power level.  The Marauder can be tuned to fire multiple pellet weights at different speeds.  Example, stock from the factory, it shoots the 14.3 grain pellet at 850 ish fps.  with a few turns of the screws, it’ll send a 18.3 grain JSB at the same speed, increasing accuracy, range, and energy.  You just get fewer shots per fill.

​With a regulator you can adjust the speed at which the transfer port allows air to enter the gun as I understand it.  The other adjustments of hammer adjustments are pretty much eliminated as the regulator overrides them.

​To be honest, most regulated guns do not allow much in the way of adjustments.  The regulator is the controller and it’s set at the factory.  Even good old Ted doesn’t usually play with the regulator adjustments on the Impact.  Too easy to screw it up.

​While a .25 is a great caliber in the Marauders, I’d recommend looking at the .22 also.  Not quite as much power but when adjusted to use the 18.3 grain pellets, at 830 fps, you get 27 foot pounds of energy. With the .25 caliber 25 grain pellets, you get 38 pounds.  Big difference, but 28 is plenty to take a raccoon.  Lower power = quieter, less expensive, more shots per fill, less chance of hitting and damaging other property in the city limits.  

​As for the gun itself, I have a Marauder and am very attached to it.  It has serious competition in the low end of the market these days though.  The Gauntlet gets excellent reviews.  The new Fortitude is one to look at once available.  The Maximus Euro edition is definitely on my shopping list.  (sub 12 foot pound version).  The Maximus gets lots and lots of shots on a 2000 psi fill.  Easy pumper.

​As always, good luck!