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Crusher, when I first finished adding the second gauge to my Royale I made a Delrin bushing/spacer to take up some of the depth of the hole. I was hoping the gauge would seal just snugged up to Delrin bushing but it didn’t. Next I added a couple of wraps of Teflon tape and it still leaked a little so then I tried a O-ring that was small enough that it didn’t come close the threads and stayed directly under the gauge, well it still leaked, added Teflon again, still leaked. I pulled the gauge back off, removed the O-ring and replaced it with a larger OD O-ring that fit against the threads tight enough I had to use a screw driver to work it to the bottom. Wahlah! great seal now. I’m waiting on a better gauge to replace this one with so I may have to experiment again if it doesn’t line up like I want it to. I’m sure there is some high pressure thread sealant or loctite on the market that would work. It might take some setting up time though.