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Is Youtube banning all those silly Vine videos where teenagers do stupid things and hurt themselves? What about all the various prank and stunt video where even famous people like Johnny Knoxville can or actually do get hurt or do very questionable things?

Its dangerous to work on your car, is Youtube banning mechanic videos?

Maybe some people reading this discussion lean more towards “the other side” politically speaking and don’t want to believe that their compatriots really engage in this kind of thought policing. All I can say is look at the evidence objectively and I think that the greater weight clearly is pointing ng to a pattern where Youtube is trying to police what it perceives to be the “gun culture.” 

I’m all for an alternate means of posting videos. But what this is really about is the Googleyoutubefacebook cartel not wanting our “culture” to spread to the masses who use their products and are being drawn to the outdoor and shooting ways of life the more the masses see of it. If we leave the commonly used social media outlets, we’re giving cartel what they want by removing ourselves from the wider culture that is starved for alternate ways of life from the urban, tech driven lives they have now.