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You can’t go wrong with Crosman, and their Friday deals. My friends took advantage of refurb Disco’s from Normand at DiscosRus, he passed the business on years back. The .22 in stock form is loud and a great 100 foot gun. The newer models appear to have only gotten better. Their is a cheap plastic trigger on the Disco, if you do a google search you can find 2 and 3 screw mods. Simple and strait forward that clunky trigger can now be made to break in mere ounces. Another mod that was popular was the Marauder Gen 1 trigger with a shim to make up the difference from the 7/8′ tune to the 1 1/4″ on the Marauder. Most of the Crosman PCP guns with some tuning and or filling to a specific air pressure, shots can be optimized in a specific curve. As for taking out the masked devils, take a peak at Gateway to Airguns they had a long post explaining shot placement and energy on these annoying pests. Cedric aka Tofazfu has a great video series on what you can do with an old Marauder .17 HMair. He set the bar a couple of years back with a .257 what he does here is pretty cool.