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Some info I’ve gathered regarding some of the online retailers mentioned in this post. This is in no way an attempt to bash any company or put them on a pedestal. Just info that I gathered from the internet that is available to the general public. Companies are in alphabetical order. 

Airguns of Arizona 
Gilbert, AZ
Founded: 1996
Google Reviews: 4.0 stars – 133 reviews
ResellerRatings Score: 8.32/10 from 27 reviews
Yelp: 4/5 stars – 17 reviews

Airgun Depot
Draper, UT
Founded: 2002
Google Reviews: 2.5 stars – 8 reviews
ResellerRatings Score: 2.03/10 from 28 reviews
Yelp: None

Baker Airguns
Mt. Victory, OH
Founded: 2005 as Airgun Repair Company 
Google Reviews: 5.0 stars – 5 reviews
ResellerRatings Score: None
Yelp: 5/5 stars – 2 reviews

Midway USA
Columbia, MO
Founded: 1977
Google Reviews: None
ResellerRatings Score: 2.3/10 from 149 reviews
Yelp: 2.5/5 stars – 60 reviews

Pyramyd Air
Solon, OH
Founded: 1996
Google Reviews: None…which is strange considering the amount of reviews
ResellerRatings Score: 2.06/10 from 129 reviews
Yelp: 3/5 stars – 7 reviews

The Sportsman’s Guide
St. Paul, MN
Founded: 1970
Google Reviews: None…again weird considering their size
ResellerRatings Score: 1.4/10 from 299 reviews
Yelp: Different ratings for different locations

Straight Shooters Precision Airguns
Bella Vista, AR
Founded: 1997
Google Reviews: None
ResellerRatings Score: None
Yelp: None

Utah Airguns
Mapleton, UT
Founded: 2016 
Google Reviews: 5.0 stars – 13 reviews
ResellerRatings Score: None yet…probably too new of a company
Yelp: None

I did a bit of research regarding as to why some companies don’t have any Google reviews when it seems they should regarding their size, age and/or numerous reviews on other sites such as Yelp, and so on. Unfortunately, I could not find any useful information.