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Hi Herm,
I can’t tell you the shot count because I have always topped off after shooting the 4 mags, which is 32 shots. I believe I could get another mag or 2, or more, depending on the power settings. With the stock internals I could get 2 mags before I needed to top off.

Originally, after installing the Hillair kit I was shooting a A tad over 900fps with JSB Kings, however this was a pain for me to shoot a couple hundred pellets at the range as the stronger spring made it harder for me to cock. Right now I have the hammer spring to the lowest setting and the reg set to the way it came. If I remember correctly it’s like 840ish fps

My backyard range is just under 30 yards and I use those small round stickers, I think they’re 3/4 inch. I never miss. Sometimes the group is 3/8″ with washed/sorted/weighed pellets.