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The instructions say that is normal for water to pool in the bottom of the box. The air that is coming out of the exhaust ports is on a different circuit than the air that runs through the desiccant and is compressed for your bottle. That being said, it is always a good idea to remove as much moisture as possible before it enters the booster. I have filled a 6.8-litre tank from empty taking over 12 hours each time before I had a high side filter, twice and not seen any noticeable moisture in my bottle. I have just replaced the high-pressure piston seal after about 60 hours of work after the unit stopped building pressure. I contacted Altaros and they sent me a couple of new seals free of charge. It is probably a good idea to periodically disassemble and grease this part to avoid it wearing prematurely. It is not a difficult job and there are videos explaining how to.