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“RMORRIS”I know how you feel. I got rid of my impact for the same reason.  After I  adjusted my regulator pressure down to 148 bar on Monday it holds better but still creeps up to 160 after 48 hours. It would be great if FX or Ernest would chime in on this topic. The Crown is a very good rifle. To me, this is its only shortcoming. FX should be concerned about this if they really care about “The FX owners experience”. Consistency  is what I want out of the Crown. What good is the adjustability without it. FX USA I hope you read this forum and address this concern…it’s costing you money in lost sales, as Snowbird stated he wants a Crown .30 but he’s going to wait.

I fixed mine already, zero creep over days. Even on pressures higher than 150 bar.
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