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Warning – this is all my opinion on a gun that’s not released yet.  No, I have not seen one!

Will it do the job you want, ABSOLUTELY!  is it the best starter PCP, maybe not.  At $300 for the bullpup and $400 for the rifle version, there are many other competitors like the Gauntlet that are already proven reliable and accurate.  I hesitate to ever recommend a gun that’s not even released yet, especially for a first PCP.  Either a Gauntlet or Maximus might be good starter PCP’s in this price range.  I only put the Maximus in that range because one may wish to add a moderator to the stock gun. 

Couple things about high powered guns.

  • Sound barrier is about 1050 FPS at sea level.  When a pellet breaks the sound barrier, it tends to destabilize and can go where you don’t want it to go.   
  • When the pellet breaks the sound barrier, you’ll get a sonic boom.  Just like a jet, but not as powerful.  It’ll probably be a very noisy rifle (no reviews on it yet, shucks!)  The moderator won’t help with sonic booms, so it’ll be noisy no matter what you do.
  • With proper shot placement, a 20 foot pound gun will be sufficient (in my understanding).  I understand that if a pellet can penetrate a half inch pine board, it’s possibly lethal to humans (and since raccoons are smaller, them too). 21 FPE guns should be sufficient for what you need.  Lots and lots of those are out there.  

Hand pump – I have the Benjamin pump.  It works, but the Hill Pump has a more efficient stroke.  Figure on $225 for a hill.  On the other end of the spectrum, there’s a cheap Chineseium pump on eBay for $45 or so.  Some are sold by folks in the US, so shipping won’t take 6 weeks.  These are getting good reviews.

The 165 CC tank will probably give no more than 25 or 30 shots per fill, depending on how efficient the valve is.

So many choices out there

Now, let me put in a plug for the Maximus.

  • 2000 PSI Fill, easy to pump.
  • 30 shots per fill, 
  • $165 at Crosman using the AGNATION code and free shipping on Fridays
  • Use the savings to put a moderator on the gun.  It should still be under $200.
  • It’s known accurate up to 50 or so yards.

Using a pump myself for a time, that 2000 PSI fill makes a huge difference in the enjoyment of shooting.  Pumping to 2800 or 3000 takes an immense amount of energy.  2000 isn’t all that noticeable.

Good luck on whatever you pick