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intenseaty22 I did some research before buying my lgv last year. I was intending to by the 177 version but after watching this video decided to buy the 22 cal. In this video the 177 was twangy and noisier then the 22 version. As I said before mine makes a dull thunk, very quite. The LGV s come in 16 and 23 joule versions, both 177 and 22. I have the 23 joule version.
Very happy with mine. 

Thanks, will check video out in a while. I really favor .22, but it looks like none to be found. Except for the competition ultra model. Any thoughts on that one? It’s a bit more expensive too, but available in .22


Intenseaty22 if you have been reading my posts on this thread you wouldn’t have asked that question about the completion Ultra. Been drinking too much coffee researching this have we? Lol