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 Hi Guys, I’m new to AGN but just have to comment on the HW97K. I’v owned one for a bunch of years and what I’ve found is that while a wonderfully built rifle of superior quality, this thing needs a gun crew, carriage and wheels to be enjoyed. I suppose if all you’re going to do is shoot off a bench, it’s great but if carried afield, better be in good physical shape ’cause this sucker is HEAVY. I find that in my elder years i’m more than happy with my R7. Sweet little rifle. Lightweight, accurate and easy to cock.I have now reached 70 and i’m looking at some CO2 powered guns simply because of the physical strength required to cock a modern springer. Also, noise is now supremely important if you’re going to be shooting in your back yard. Just my thoughts. Thanks for reading. Howard in Md.