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joseantonio. Good for you. Some of my fondest memories are when I was young and shooting with my father. Also when my kids were young and I got to start shooting with them, I ended up teaching quite a few of my kids friends because they could shoot here on the farm. What a difference the years have made. Kid with his BB, or pellet gun back then to a kid with a cell phone now. I remember a bunch of us would wander around together with our guns. In my case it was a Daisy model 25. Nothing was safe. We shot the top off of every cattail along the ditch and every crabapple out of the big crabapple tree in the park. Later on when I was in high school we used to hunt pheasants going to and from school. Kept my shotgun in my school locker so no one would steal it. Can you imagine how that would go over today?. Keep it up! There is nothing, absolutely nothing,half so much worth doing as teaching a kid to shoot. A worthy endeavor. Sylvan