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Thanks for the tip Gijs. Save some time and air. I am enjoying shooting the Crown with the smooth x barrel. I have to say if you take the wind out of the equation it is as accurate with normal Kings as the Impact with LW polygon barrel shooting King Heavies. 
It doesn’t take much of a breeze to swing the advantage back to the Heavies though. 
I didn’t think the normal Kings where capable of that sort of accuracy. It did surprise me. 
Personally I can’t get the Heavies to shoot as well out of the smooth x barrel at 100y. I’m waiting for a quicker twist liner to make them work. 
Saw the pictures of your shroud. Looks great. Do let us know how it shoots. 
Hi Snowbird. Sounds busy at your range! Is it a Crown your shooting? Are you getting good groups at 100y?