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My friends, it’s time to bring a site to the internet that knocks youtubes pants off.
Since they have gotten too big for their current pants. If we look back thru the years when AOL was an internet giant……….we can see what happened when they got too big for their pants.
I remember reading an article when AOL was the premier internet provider, stating that, ” Right now someone is looking to knock them off their perch.” That happened.
I hold Liberals in utter disdain. I am of the opinion that they are the ruin of free will, freedom, and a sovereign nation.
Not to mention that they protest because they dont have jobs to go to. They have never and will never understand that what one gets for free, someone else worked for.
They have never understood, nor will they ever understand that if you ban guns, you might as well ban hammers, pipes, spoons, bricks, chainsaws, CARS, anything made from glass, butter knives, arrows, bows, and a broad spectrum of other items not limited to , forks, piano wire, rope, cinder blocks, and last but not least, Sling shots.

Right now I can walk into Cabelas and buy enough Tannerite to blow up, not only,  the viewing screen at the theater , but the entire theater and everyone in it.
That my friends is a terrorist act laying in wait. And if I thought of it, you can bet that its been thought about by millions who know what it is.
But you see, a Tannerite event of such proportion does nothing for these communists because it does nothing to aid in taking away the 2nd amendment.
Which is the goal.

As far as youtube goes, all it takes is one guy like George Soros to call in……..” remove all uploaders who believe in the constitution, or I pull 20 million dollars” which is peanuts to him. And youtube will scurry frantically like rats to a piece of cheese to appease grandfather time.

We need a site that is independent of monopoly, supported by the people and not the anti-American dictatorship of dysfunctional corporate, greed.

You can count me on on supporting this and we can do it right here.
Turn it into something airgun based, and everything else within reason in its own category.
Like……..” Everything else”
Sooner or later THAT or something similar to THAT is going to happen. Its a matter of who wants to do it first.

There is no telling where that will go. I like to think big. Not peanuts.
Complaining about a problem does nothing to resolve the problem.
There is only one way to get things done.