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Thanks guys,
Dennis, I don’t think I qualify as a craftsman but thanks for the compliment, I look at the work of 220Swift,  Weatherby and I believe he goes by Kingman on GTA. They are the true masters. I always envy those guys with the skills and the creations they come up with.

10X, I didn’t really know that I had issue with creep until the last pressure check I did on the regulator. I thought that I had left it at 155 and it had settled way down to 143. I reset it a few days ago to 161bar thinking that it would settle to a lower setting after a couple of hundred cycles but it seems to be staying put. What I have noticed since I installed the gauge is that it’s creeping up some until I fire a shot and then it looks like it’s settles back to 160 on the gauge. It’ll definitely be a benefit having an on board gauge now. If it continuous to act up I may pull in and adjust it down to 155 and see how it acts there.  10X, what gun are you putting the regulator in?