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If you bought a CV Life scope, check eBay.  Cheap mounts start at $3 if you are willing to wait 6 weeks from China, or the same mounts State Side are $6 or so.  I’ve used them, they work.  Not the best things in the world, but they work.

​The problem with a Scope really is the Zero.  Something like the CVLife might need to be shimmed, so if you bottom out the scope and it still shoots high, look up how to shim a scope.  It’s real easy and allows you to keep the scope a bit closer to being optically centered.  It will work better for you if not bottomed out.

​Amazon has rings starting at $7 or so.  I’d just buy new rings and be done with it.  Even Walmart has 1 inch rings for under $10.  Cal-Ranch if one is close to you also sells dove tail rings for 1 inch scopes for around $8.  Just buy new rings.