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“blackdiesel”Conspiracy theorists don’t start clutching your pearls.   There is no way possible for someone at youtube to review all the video uploads.  I’m sure it’s an algorithm to weed out some of the dangerous and distasteful videos.  Anytime there’s no restrictions to a form of media there are good, bad and stupid people utilizing it.  For every great gun video there’s the video of some fool having their kid shoot a 12 gauge shotgun improperly and getting injured.

When a video ban or restriction is appealed, it goes to a human to review.

I had one of my squirrel videos recently age restricted. I appealed it and won and it was also found to be advertiser friendly. Then a few months later the video went viral. It was pulling in 50k-80k views a month and bringing in a lot of new subscribers. It was flagged again and youtube again age restricted it. I appealed and they denied my appeal without explaining why the video was previously approved but now was not appropriate. Views from that video dropped from 50k-80k a month to less than 200. 

Youtube knows good and well what’s its doing. They’re trying to restrict the growth of viewpoints they don’t like. They can’t as easily stomp out a big time gun celebrity with a million subscribers as they can those of us with up and coming channels with a few million views and 5k-25k subscribers. Those of us in that range are becoming big enough to become a threat but small enough that we don’t have enough of a fan base to cause a major revolt against Youtube. I am convinced that behind the scenes, they have a policy of identifying growing channels representing viewpoints they don’t like and doing what they can to restrict growth. Almost every major video of mine that gets lots of views gets the advertising rights removed and every one that becomes viral and pulling in loads of subscribers gets age restricted. I’m sure its purposeful and very political.