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I remember years ago when the first discount department stores opened up the distributors where henpecked by their smaller retail customers that they were being undersold. They came out with fair price trading where they told stores the minimum they could charge and if violated they would be cut off. NY made that against the law. And all the stores were forced to work on a lower margin since there were more stores than needed as shipping and delivery improvements made the need for an appliance store in every town unnecessary if the gun stores could be competitive we would all pay less and be able to buy more. In general that scope you paid $500 for cost the store $250. In a competitive market you would pay $400 leaving I nice profit of $150 to the vendor. The inefficient vendors would go out of business and the strong one would pick up the slack and overal do better. MAP pricing is a license to overcharge and legally it’s price fixing along with collusion IMHO. There is no true competition between any of the vendors especially on the higher priced items. If I go to 5 car dealers to look at the same model car I’ll get 5 different prices if I go to buy a FX rifle they are all the same price. If the stores could compete you would have better support and service from them in order for them to differentiate themselves from the competition.