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if the scope is a 1″ tube it won’t hold up to the springer, so I’ve heard, the 30mm tube is stronger and heard they hold up to Springer abuse, also you might try using a heavier pellet to reduce the spring & piston slam, that’s what kills most scopes on a springer, just a suggestion.
I myself have 7 UTG scopes of different types and I have not had a problem with any of them, they are not on a springer, I gave away the last springer I had, but I do have one on my AR style precision rifle .223 wylde and my Ruger SR762 and Saiga 7.62×39, no problems work great, the rest are on my PCP’s, HW100, Sumatra, Texan and Dominator 1200, all work fine, a decent scope for the money, all have 30mm tubes and rings. 
I also have a couple Nikko’s that came with some rifles and a Millet on my 30-06, nothing highend. I don’t think I’ll be sniping Rats at 300 yards any time soon, LOL.